What We Do

Our Pillars

What We Do


A hockey coach describes a play to his team with a hand held 


An athlete-centered coaching philosophy for youth sport coaches.


A vibrant, engaged and connected community of youth sport coaches


A trusted resource for youth sport coaches


A programme that is sustainable and ongoing.
What We Do


Players from a hockey team watching the field with their arms around each other.
Present and deliver an athlete-centered coaching philosophy for youth sport coaches.

We will drive a change in coaching philosophy so that our youth sport coaches deliver athlete-led coaching programmes that create a positive and supportive environment for our young people.

An athlete-centered coaching philosophy places the individual athlete at the heart of the coaching experience, focusing on their development, well-being, and enjoyment.

Personalised Approach

Tailoring coaching methods to each athlete's unique needs, abilities and goals.


Ensuring that every athlete feels valued, regardless of their skill level or background.

Skill and Character Development

Prioritising the growth of both athletic skills and personal character, emphasising values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and resilience.

Positive Environment

Creating a safe and positive training environment where athletes can express themselves, make mistakes, and learn without fear of judgment.

Effective Communication

Open, honest, and constructive communication with athletes to foster trust and understanding.


Providing encouragement and support to help athletes reach their full potential while also enjoying the sport.


Empowering athletes to take ownership of their development, make decisions, and learn from both successes and failures.

Continuous Learning

Coaches themselves commit to ongoing learning and self-improvement to better serve their athletes.

This athlete-centered coaching philosophy places the athlete's holistic growth and well-being as the top priority, fostering a positive, supportive, and effective coaching environment.

What we do


A netball coach congratulates a player after a good play.
Build a vibrant, engaged and connected community of youth sport coaches.

Building a connected coaching community via our coaching hub provides a platform for coaches to connect, exchange ideas, receive support, learn and develop their coaching capability.

We will do this by:

  • Providing valuable and engaging content incorporating interactive elements, like forums, webinars, and Q & A sessions.
  • Fostering a safe and inclusive environment where coaches of all backgrounds and skill levels feel welcome and respected.
  • Encouraging coaches to support and learn from each other by sharing experiences and advice.
  • Delivering regular communication. 
  • Ensuring the platform is accessible and user-friendly on various devices, making it easy for coaches to engage and access resources.
  • Continuously evaluate the community's performance and adapt to evolving needs, trends, and technologies.
What we do


A hockey coach gives instruction to his players while they are having a drink.
Become the trusted resource for youth sport coaches.

By providing an easily accessible tool box of resources on our ‘coaches hub’ for our youth sport coaches that enables them to grow as a coach and to tailor their coaching to the needs of their athletes.

We are committed to delivering industry leading coaching resources developed and endorsed by experienced sports coaches.

Our content is presented in a dynamic, user-friendly manner, with clear categories, tags, and search functionality for easy navigation and access.

Our resources are accessible across various devices ensuring that coaches can use them on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

We will incorporate interactive features, such as surveys and forums to engage coaches and promote learning.

Our resources will remain current and fresh to reflect the latest trends, research, and best practices in sports coaching.

We will encourage coaches to provide feedback on the value of the resources, and use these insights to refine and expand our offerings.

We will partner with other coaching organisations or experts to expand our resource base and offer a wide range of perspectives and insights.

We will gather and analyse feedback to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of our coaching resources, making improvements as necessary.

What we do


A netball celebrating on the sidelines after a game.
Develop a programme that is sustainable and ongoing.

We will deliver a financially sustainable and enduring youth sport coaching programme that provides relevant and inspirational high-quality content that supports the continual growth and development of coaches.

We will achieve this by focussing on the following:

  • Delivering on our vision and purpose.
  • Delivering on our operational plans that outline a roadmap for our organisation's growth and impact.
  • Establishing a strong governance and leadership structure.
  • Implementing best practice financial management.
  • Diversifying our revenue streams, via grants, donations, commercial partnerships and fundraising events.
  • Building strong relationships across the youth sport community; Sport New Zealand, NSO’s, RSO’s, RST’s, School Sport NZ, clubs and secondary schools nationally.
  • Prioritising and allocating resources efficiently to maximise programme delivery and minimising administrative overhead.
  • Maintaining transparency in our operations and financial reporting.
  • Being open to adapting to changing needs and circumstances, revising strategies and programmes as necessary.
  • Building a strong brand and marketing strategy to effectively communicate our vision and purpose to build brand awareness and our youth coach community.